ASX Announcements Introduction

Latin Resources Limited related ASX announcements are released in regular intervals over the course of each year. the page contains all ASX announcements that would help an investor get a comprehensive birds eye view of Latin Resources evolution and progression since its foundation in 2010.

the announcements are on PFD documents that could be opened in the browser or downloaded.

ASX Announcements 2016

28th December 2016-Cleansing Notice & Appendix 3B

22nd December 2016-Operations update

15th December 2016-LRS Research Report - Pac Partners

7th December 2016-Managing Director signs new Contract

1st December 2016-RB Milestone Group, New York Initiates Coverage on LRS

30th November 2016-Presentation - Investor Roadshow London and New York

21st November 2016-Final Concessions Granted at Catamarca

16th November 2016-LRS Appoints Exploration and Development Manager

11th November 2016-Change of Director's Interest Notice

9th November 2016-Cleansing Statement and Appendix 3B

4th November 2016-Cleansing Statement & Appendix 3B

2nd November 2016-Concessions claimed for San Luis lithium project

1st November 2016-Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B

31st October 2016-Results of General Meeting

20th October 2016-Concessions granted at Catamarca lithium project, Argentina

30th September 2016-Notice of General Meeting

29th September 2016-Appendix 3B

29th September 2016-Cleansing Notice & Listing Rule 3.10.5A Disclosure

27th September 2016-Presentation for Mines and Money Americas

22nd September 2016-LRS acquires new Lithium project in Salta, Argentina

20th September 2016-Trading Halt

9th September 2016-Presentation for Salta, Argentina Mining Conference 2016

25th August 2016-New assay results and update on Catamarca Exploration

22nd August 2016-Change in substantial holding

19th August 2016-Placement - Appendix 3B & Listing Rule 3.10.5A Disclosure

15th August 2016-Placement

11th August 2016-Half Yearly Report and Accounts

11th August 2016-Trading Halt

1st August 2016-LRS Investor Presentation August 2016

1st August 2016-Cleansing Notice & Appendix 3B

28th July 2016-Quarterly Activities Report & Cashflow

28th July 2016-Cleansing Notice & Appendix 3B

27th July 2016-Latin signs Terms Sheet with Major copper producer

11th July 2016-Media Release from Latin Resources

4th July 2016-Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B

1st July 2016-Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B

30th June 2016-Change in substantial holding

22nd June 2016-PLP- L-Max Achieves Significant Milestone

15th June 2016-Change in substantial holding

14th June 2016-Latin Claims Historical Lithium Mining Concessions

10th June 2016-Trading Halt

2nd June 2016-Cleansing Notice

2nd June 2016-Change in substantial holding

1st June 2016-LRS: Latin Resources JV with Lepidico Takes Shape

1st June 2016-Appendix 3B

1st June 2016-AGM Presentation

31st May 2016-Latin claims 70,000 hectares in Lithium pegmatite district

31st May 2016-Results of AGM

30th May 2016-Change of Director's Interest Notice

27th May 2016-Ilo Copper Projects update, Peru

27th May 2016-LR 7.1A Disclosures

25th May 2016-Change of Company Secretary

24th May 2016-Cleansing Statement

20th May 2016-Appendix 3B

17th May 2016-Change in substantial holding

17th May 2016-Company Presentation LADU Conference in Perth

16th May 2016-Placement

12th May 2016-Trading Halt

11th May 2016-Appendix 3B

9th May 2016-Latin signs binding term sheet with Lithium Company

9th May 2016-PLP:L-Max Licence Agreement with Latin Resources

5th May 2016-Trading Halt

4th May 2016-Appendix 3B & Cleansing Statement

3rd May 2016-Notice of Annual General Meeting

29th April 2016-Placement

29th April 2016-Quarterly Reports - March 2016

27th April 2016-Trading Halt

21st April 2016-Appendix 3B & Cleansing Statement

14th April 2016-Change in substantial holding

11th April 2016-Appendix 3B & Cleansing Statement

6th April 2016-LRS Operations Update March 2016

1st April 2016-2015 Annual Report

1st April 2016-Appendix 4G

30th March 2016-LRS ends JV negotiations on Filipina project

4th March 2016-Appendix 3B & Cleansing Statement

4th March 2016-Change of Director's Interest Notice

2nd March 2016-Cleansing statement

2nd March 2016-Appendix 3B

12th February 2016-Response to ASX Appendix 5B Query

12th February 2016-Change in substantial holding

11th February 2016-Cleansing statement

9th February 2016-Appendix 3B

1st February 2016-Appendix 3B

29th January 2016-Quarterly reports - December 2015

25th January 2016-More Copper Mineralisation at Ilo Este Project

22nd January 2016-Cleansing statement

18th January 2016-Appendix 3B