ASX Announcements Introduction

Latin Resources Limited related ASX announcements are released in regular intervals over the course of each year. the page contains all ASX announcements that would help an investor get a comprehensive birds eye view of Latin Resources evolution and progression since its foundation in 2010.

the announcements are on PFD documents that could be opened in the browser or downloaded.

ASX Announcements 2015

22nd December 2015-Latest Corporate Presentation

17th December 2015-Appendix 3B and Cleansing statement

16th December 2015-Zahena completes first two holes at Ilo Este

16th December 2015-Cleansing statement

14th December 2015-Appendix 3B

11th December 2015-Change in substantial holding

8th December 2015-Resignation of Company Director

27th November 2015-Cleansing statement

27th November 2015-Results of General Meeting

27th November 2015-Appendix 3B

26th November 2015-Change of Director's Interest Notice

19th November 2015-Voluntary Suspension

19th November 2015-Latin signs binding term sheet for Copper JV in Chile

19th November 2015-Reinstatement to Official Quotation

17th November 2015-Trading Halt

16th November 2015-Change in substantial holding

16th November 2015-Appendix 3B

12th November 2015-Listing Rule 7.1A Disclosures

12th November 2015-Completion of Entitlement Offer and Appendix 3B

11th November 2015-Drilling commences at Ilo Este Porphyry Copper Project

9th November 2015-New Copper Targets in Southern Peru from MOU

30th October 2015-Quarterly reports - September 2015

30th October 2015-Drilling to commence at Ilo Este Porphyry Copper Project

29th October 2015-Change in substantial holding

28th October 2015-Ceasing to be a substantial holder from CFE

28th October 2015-Notice of General Meeting

28th October 2015-Change in substantial holding from CFE

26th October 2015-Appendix 3B

26th October 2015-LR 7.1A Disclosures

16th October 2015-Change of Director's Interest Notice

9th October 2015-Shortfall Update & Appendix 3B

5th October 2015-Change in substantial holding

25th September 2015-Appendix 3B

17th September 2015-New Director appointment & Appendix 3X

16th September 2015-Appendix 3B and amendments

14th September 2015-Shares to be released from escrow

14th September 2015-Half year report - 30 June 2015

14th September 2015-Change in substantial holding

9th September 2015-Appendix 3B

31st August 2015-Junefield convertible note

31st August 2015-Appendix 3B

31st August 2015-LR 7.1A disclosures

28th August 2015-Placement of Shortfall

28th August 2015-Amendment to Appendix 3B & LR 7.1A disclosures

27th August 2015-Appendix 3B

13th August 2015-Appendix 3B

12th August 2015-Change of Director's Interest Notice x 3

12th August 2015-Appendix 3B

12th August 2015-Change in substantial holding from CFE

10th August 2015-Appendix 3B

10th August 2015-Change in substantial holding

7th August 2015-Notice of Shortfall for Entitlement issue

7th August 2015-Appendix 3B

31st July 2015-Quarterly reports - June 2015

29th July 2015-New Porphyry Copper Target from MOU

23rd July 2015-Extension of Closing date for Entitlement Issue

21st July 2015-PLR Services on track for 118% Growth

16th July 2015-LRS signs MOU for Copper Joint Venture in Chile

15th July 2015-Extension of Closing Date for Entitlement Issue and Update

15th July 2015-Change in substantial holding

15th July 2015-Change in substantial holding

13th July 2015-Zahena Mobilises for Drill Campaign at Ilo Este

13th July 2015-Appendix 3B

13th July 2015-Cleansing statement

10th July 2015-Latest Investor Presentation

9th July 2015-Despatch of Prospectus for Entitlement Issue

30th June 2015-Letter to Eligible Shareholders

30th June 2015-Non-Renounceable Entitlement Offer Prospectus

30th June 2015-Letter to Ineligible Shareholders

30th June 2015-Appendix 3B

30th June 2015-Letter to Optionholders

29th June 2015-New terms agreed with Guadalupito Vendors

26th June 2015-Appendix 3B

12th June 2015-Change of Share Registry Address

12th June 2015-Change of registry address

11th June 2015-Junefield Convertible Note- Update

10th June 2015-Appendix 3B

25th May 2015-Cleansing Notice

22nd May 2015-Appendix 3B

22nd May 2015-Results of 2015 Annual General Meeting

19th May 2015-Managing director speaks on Webcast

13th May 2015-London Presentation May 2015


8th May 2015-Appendix 3B & Cleansing Notice

1st May 2015-Resignation of Company Director

1st May 2015-Final Director's Interest Notice x 2

30th April 2015-Resignation of Company Director

30th April 2015-Quarterly reports - March 2015

28th April 2015-RFC Ambrian appointed as advisor for proposed AIM listing

27th April 2015-Notice of Annual General Meeting

21st April 2015-Change of Registered Office & Principal Place of Business

17th April 2015-Change in Director's Interest Notice x 5

14th April 2015-Appendix 3B

13th April 2015-Appendix 3B & Cleansing Notice

2nd April 2015-Change in substantial holding

2nd April 2015-Change in substantial holding from CFE

1st April 2015-2014 Annual Report

25th March 2015-Completion of Placement, Appendix 3B & Other disclosures

25th March 2015-Cleansing notice

24th March 2015-Appendix 3B

24th March 2015-Investor presentation - Mines and Money Hong Kong

16th March 2015-MOU signed with Global Copper Producer for Ilo South

16th March 2015-Placement extension, Appendix 3B & Other disclosures

10th March 2015-Placement

4th March 2015-Investor update March 2015

3rd March 2015-Ilo Norte Copper-Gold project now 100% owned

13th February 2015-Cleansing notice

10th February 2015-Appendix 3B

5th February 2015-Latin's Partner Zahena to earn 70% of its Ilo Este Project

3rd February 2015-Drilling update - more Copper at Ilo Este

30th January 2015-Quarterly reports - December 2014

9th January 2015-Appendix 3B

9th January 2015-Change of Director's Interest Notice x4

5th January 2015-Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice

22nd December 2014-Ilo Este Drilling Update

18th December 2014-Drilling update at Ilo Norte Copper-Gold Target

4th December 2014-Appendix 3B

3rd December 2014-Change in substantial holding from CFE

3rd December 2014-Change in substantial holding

2nd December 2014-Investor presentation - London

1st December 2014-Appendix 3B & Cleansing Notice

13th November 2014-Funding Agreement

11th November 2014-Improved Copper Mineralisation at Ilo Este Copper Porphyry

4th November 2014-Funding

31st October 2014-Quarterly reports - September 2014

27th October 2014-Appendix 3B

23rd October 2014-Drilling to continue at Ilo Norte

10th October 2014-Appendix 3B

10th October 2014-Change of Director's Interest Notice x4

9th October 2014-Drlling Update - Ilo Este Copper Porphyry

3rd October 2014-Amendment - Option expiry notice waiver

3rd October 2014-General meeting results

1st October 2014-Option expiry notice waiver

18th September 2014-Investor presentation - London

12th September 2014-Half year report - 30 June 2014

11th September 2014-Latin Intersects Mineralised Copper Porphyry

10th September 2014-Appendix 3B

10th September 2014-Additional disclosure for shares issued under ASX LR 7.1A

10th September 2014-Cleansing notice

3rd September 2014-Notice of General Meeting