Media Announcements

Latin Resources Limited related ASX announcements are released in regular intervals over the course of each year. the page contains all ASX announcements that would help an investor get a comprehensive birds eye view of Latin Resources evolution and progression since its foundation in 2010.

the announcements are on PFD documents that could be opened in the browser or downloaded.

Media Announcements 2012

10th December 2012-Gold fever lures explorers to Peru

Media clipping -Weekend Australian


6th December 2012-Media Clipping on LRS


5th December 2012-Study Breathes life into Guadalupito

Paydirt - Media Clipping


3rd December 2012-Latin Resources launches A$2m placement to advance Peruvian projects

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29th November 2012-Latin Resources to raise funds

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21st November 2012-Latin Resources raises Guadalupito exploration target to 4.5Bt heavy minerals

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15th November 2012-Skillings Mining Review

Vol. 101. No. 11


1st November 2012-Guadalupito HMS Scoping Looks Good

Media Clipping: Gold and Minerals Gazette, National


16th October 2012-Latin Resources first holes hit substantial iron intersection at Mariela

Proactive Investors Article


16th October 2012-Intial solid Iron ore drilling results from Mariela project in Southern Peru

Minelife Daily Resources Bulletin


16th October 2012-LRS Article

Media Clipping: Mining


21st September 2012-Latin Resources plan Peru project upgrade

Media Clipping: Highgrade


1st September 2012-In the spotlight – Chris Gale of Latin Resources

ALABC - Latam News


17th August 2012-Latin Resources to reveal news of placement, granted ASX trading hault

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16th August 2012-Latin Resources shows potential of Guadalupito to produce high value magnetite product

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10th August 2012-Latin Resources - confirmation of sizeable resource upgrade in Peru

MineLife: Daily Resources Bulletin


8th August 2012-Heavy Minerals increase at Guadalupito

PPR Media Clipping : High Grade


8th August 2012-Latin Resources posts 160% increase in Heavy Minerals Resource in Guadalupito

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7th August 2012-Latin adds spice to Guadalupito Resources

PPR Media Clipping : Mining News


30th July 2012-Latin Resources and Junefield Group propel iron ore exploration at Mariela in Peru

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26th July 2012-Latin Resources has huge Heavy Mineral Sands resource in the making at Guadalupito in 2012

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23rd July 2012-New study underpins Latin's Peruvian project

PPR Media Clipping : High Grade


18th July 2012-Latin Resources: buoyed by Snowdens report, Guadalupito Project could have low operating costs

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16th July 2012-Latin Resources poised to announce 'Proof of Concept Mining Study' for Guadalupito

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10th July 2012-The Pick - Issue 6

PPR Publication


1st July 2012-Latin finds sands in time

PPR Media Clipping: Paydirt National


29th June 2012-Latin Resources' largest shareholder lifts holding, could there be corporate moves afoot

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20th June 2012-Latin Resources New heavy mineral zone adds to resource potential at Guadalupito

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8th June 2012-Latin Resources’ Chris Gale discusses iron sands Scoping Study at One2One Investor Forum

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7th June 2012-Comings and Goings

PPR Media Clipping : Business News


1st June 2012-Executive Outcomes: Dragon, Cabral and more

PPR Media Clipping : Mining News


1st June 2012-Drillbits

PPR Media Clipping: Gold and Minerals Gazette


30th May 2012-Latin Resources discovers high grade heavy minerals at surface at Guadalupito

Proactive Investors Article


30th May 2012-Mining Briefs: Terramin, Western Desert and more

PPR Media Clipping: Mining News


29th May 2012-Latin Resources to discuss highly prospective Peru heavy mineral projects at One2One Forum in Sydney

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10th May 2012-Latin Resources commences highly anticipated maiden drilling targeting magnetite iron ore at Mariela

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1st May 2012-Latin Resources Delivers Strong Numbers at its Guadalupito Mineral Sands Project in Peru


1st May 2012-Multiple markets makes Latin merrier

PPR Media Clipping: Paydirt National


1st May 2012-Golden state bolsters its growth team

PPR Media Clipping: Gold and Minerals Gazette


13th April 2012-Estrella scrubs up well for Chile reception

PPR: Media Clipping Australian Financial Review


12th April 2012-New Non- Executive Director - Frankie Li

PPR: Business News clipping


31st March 2012-Resources stocks dominate market trades by directors

PPR Media Clipping: The Saturday Age


29th March 2012-Hong Kong makes mining cents

PPR Media Clipping: Kalgoorlie Miner


26th March 2012-Mining Briefs: South Boulder, Sihayo and more

PPR Media Clipping : Mining News


26th March 2012-Latin Resources gains broader market access with United States OTC-QX listing

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22nd March 2012-Comings and Goings

PPR Media Clipping : Business News


22nd March 2012-Latin Resources: Chris Gale strong at the helm, contract extended for two years

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21st March 2012-Latin Resources' new Chinese cornerstone investor provides vote of confidence in Peruvian projects

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20th March 2012-Latin Resources: Managing Director Chris Gale Extends Contract 2 Years

PPR Media Clipping: Dow Jones Newswires, Australia


16th March 2012-Latin likes Guadalupito shape

PPR Media Clipping : High Grade


15th March 2012-Latin Resources extends strike to 28 kilometres, identifies higher grade heavy mineral, gold targets

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15th March 2012-Latin Resources: Elevated Heavy Mineral & Gold Content Extended

PPR Media Clipping: Dow Jones Newswires, Australia


12th March 2012-The Week Ahead

PPR Media Clipping: Border Mail


12th March 2012-Latin Resources appoints Anthony Begovich as new CFO

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12th March 2012-Business Diary

PPR Media Clipping: The West Australian


9th March 2012-Latin Resources Appoints Anthony Begovich Joint Company Secretary, CFO

PPR Media Clipping: Dow Jones Newswires


9th March 2012-FED: Finance Week for March 11 to March 17

PPR Media Clipping: AAP Newswire


8th March 2012-Finance Week for March 11 to March 17 - Latin Resources Ltd General Meeting

NineMSN Finance


1st March 2012-LRS Article: World-class resource with 'value-add'

Australian Resources & Investment Magazine


29th February 2012-Gold & Minerals Gazette - Latin Resources Article

Peruvian play for Latin


27th February 2012-Mining Briefs: Silver Mines, Silver Lake and more

PPR Media Clipping: Online