Media Announcements

Latin Resources Limited related ASX announcements are released in regular intervals over the course of each year. the page contains all ASX announcements that would help an investor get a comprehensive birds eye view of Latin Resources evolution and progression since its foundation in 2010.

the announcements are on PFD documents that could be opened in the browser or downloaded.

Media Announcements 2010

29th November 2010-Latin Resources identifies iron, titanium and rare earth elements in Peru

Proactive Investors


22nd November 2010-Latin Resources to raise A$265,500 from non-renounceable entitlement issue

Proactive Investors


31st August 2010-Latam News

Australian-Latin America Business Council - August Edition


26th August 2010-Peru Ministry of Energy and Mines

Dorothy Kosich


30th July 2010-Latin Resources digs deep in Peru ore quest

Australian Financial Review


29th July 2010-The Outcrop

Robin Bromby


27th July 2010-The Australian Investor Magazine - Latin Resources


25th May 2010-Mining Boss prefers Peru to profit tax

Australian Financial Review


11th May 2010-Offshore miners in demand

Australian Financial Review


4th May 2010-Leading miners feel the sting

Australian Financial Review